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Raw Dog Diets

A Guide to Raw Dog Food for Beginners

There’s a new hot trend in the world of dog food: the raw diet. If you don’t know what exactly that means, though, you’re not alone. In this post, we’ll explore what a raw dog food diet looks like and why you should think about putting your own dogs on one too.

What Is Raw Dog Food?

It goes without saying that dogs didn’t always eat commercial kibble from the grocery store. Raw dog food attempts to emulate those old-fashioned feeding patterns. It involves feeding your dog raw meat and a few other whole uncooked foods, similar to what they would be able to get for themselves in the wild. As long as you store the food carefully and don’t leave it out too long if it goes uneaten, this isn’t dangerous for dogs like it would be for humans. Dogs who have been fed dry kibble for long periods of time might not take to a raw diet right away and may even experience tummy troubles from it, but given enough time, even they should adjust to this way of eating.

The Anatomy of a Raw Dog Food Diet

Even though it might look more appealing to you, a bowl of pure muscle meat is not the best raw food for your dog. You should be feeding them a healthy dose of bones and organ meat as well to make sure that they get enough calcium and other essential nutrients. You should also add in some fish every once in a while for some Omega-3 acids, then round out the selection with a little bit of fruit and vegetable content.

Each day’s helping should add up to about 2-3% of your dog’s weight in total, and you should divide that amount up into two meals. Many raw food manufacturers will make portioning and balancing your dog’s meals easier for you by mixing the appropriate components into pre-made chunks. With these, all you have to do is figure out how many chunks your dog needs and serve it up. Others sell components individually and leave it to you to decide how to combine them. However you prefer to do it, there is a pet food supplier who can provide what you need.

Why It’s Worth Doing

There’s no getting around it – even with pre-portioned food, it’s more work to feed your dog a raw diet, and usually more expensive too. Why bother, then? Because your pets deserve the best, and raw dog food could benefit them in many ways. They could have:

  • More energy and mobility – Raw food is easy for dogs to digest once they’re used to it, and that lets their bodies use the food more efficiently for fuel. Older dogs fed raw food may also have an easier time getting around.
  • Shinier coats – The high nutrient value in a proper raw food diet rejuvenates dogs’ coats and gives their fur an attractive glossy shine.
  • Better dental health – Like humans, dogs can develop dental problems. Raw food promotes less plaque growth and can help stave off these issues.
  • Smaller stools – Raw food leaves behind less matter when digested, leading to compact stools that are much less smelly than those of dogs on standard diets.

Don’t let yourself feel intimidated by the idea of feeding your dog raw food; it’s easier to figure out than it looks. With all the benefits that your pets stand to gain by following this type of diet, it’s worth at least considering whether it might be for you.

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