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dog hiding during fireworks

How Can You Help Your Pet Relax During Thunderstorm & Firework Season?

Summer is here again, and that means things are about to get noisy. Thunderstorms and fireworks are both common during the summer months, and both of these sounds are likely to upset pets.

If your pet gets stressed by these summertime triggers, it’s up to you to help them calm down. Here are five simple ways to manage your fur kid’s anxiety during these events.

1. Keep Them Away from the Noise

To keep anxious pets calm, keep them away from the thing that scares them. When storms or fireworks are happening, keep your pet indoors and close all the doors and windows. Closing the blinds may also help. You can even put on some calming music or TV programming to drown out the last of the noise. Remember that many pets have much more sensitive hearing than humans do; if your pet still seems alarmed after taking these steps, they may need additional help to get through the event.

2. Put a Thundershirt on Your Pet

Thundershirts are tight pet harnesses that apply deep pressure to your pet’s body. This soothes them just like a weighted blanket does for humans. These small vests fasten onto your pet’s neck and chest using soft velcro straps that won’t get stuck or caught on anything. They come in different sizes for both cats and dogs and can be used for other anxiety-provoking situations, including vet visits and nail trimming.

3. Offer Them an Interesting New Toy

Fur kids are a lot like human kids: sometimes, all it takes to calm them down is a little distraction. Try giving your pet a new toy to play with when the storms or fireworks start. Some good options include a sturdy KONG toy, a squeaky plush, or a puzzle feeder. These items will keep your pet engaged and hopefully prevent them from panicking at the loud sounds. For best results, get your pet to play in a place that is familiar and comforting to them.

4. Use Anti-Anxiety Supplements

If you know that a storm or a fireworks display is coming, try giving your pet some anti-anxiety supplements ahead of time. These treats are loaded with ingredients with calming properties, including hemp seed oil, valerian, and chamomile. Most of these supplements are all-natural, so they won’t harm your pet – just help them to relax and get through the day.

5. Give Them Lots of Love

When pets are stressed, they look to the people they trust most in the world: you. Simply staying near your pet when fireworks and storms are going on will help to soothe their anxiety. Pet your fur kid gently and talk to them every once in a while. Let them know you’re there for them and that everything is all right. Be sure to keep calm during this time and don’t go overboard on the affection. Pets that are fussed over too much during stressful periods may come to believe that their fears are justified, reinforcing the frightened reaction.

Make Summers Less Stressful

Your fur kid deserves to enjoy the summer as much as you will. Our tips and products should help them relax and get the most out of the warm summer days. Visit our store today to pick up the supplies you need, and remember that our staff is always happy to answer your pet care questions.

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