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How Do I Know If My Dog Needs Grooming?

Grooming is an important part of caring for a pet dog, but many owners aren’t sure how often it needs to be done. While grooming your dog on a set schedule is probably the best approach overall, there are also some signals you can look for that will tell you when it’s time for another grooming session.

The Importance of Professional Grooming

While it is possible for you to tend to your dog’s grooming needs on your own, all dog owners should strongly consider hiring a professional groomer for this purpose.

Our grooming service workers know how to do more than just trim your dog’s fur – they can also clean out his ears, clip his toenails, give him a bath, or anything else that he needs to keep him in good shape. They can even keep him calm and happy while they do it. They’ve done all of these tasks hundreds of times over the course of their time on the job, and there is no case they can’t handle. If you want the best results, professional grooming is the way to go.

Signs to Watch For

How can you tell that it’s time for you to bring your dog to one of these professionals? Look out for any of these four key signs that it’s time for your dog to be groomed.

1. His fur is tangled and matted.
Many dogs (especially those with longer fur) develop visible mats and tangles in their coat if they go too long without being groomed. These clumps of fur look terrible, but what’s worse is that they can hurt your dog and restrict his movement if they become too tightly twisted.

Once your dog starts to look like this, he will probably need to have at least part of his fur shaved off. Your groomer will remove the matted portions and trim and style the rest of the fur as needed to leave your dog looking happy and healthy again.

2. There are burrs, seeds, bubblegum, etc. stuck in his fur.
When something gets caught in your dog’s fur, it can be extremely difficult to get it all out.

Even if you do manage to remove most of the debris with a comb or scissors, it’s best to get your dog properly groomed afterwards to make sure it really is all gone. The groomer can also smooth out the rough patches in your dog’s coat to keep him looking his best.

3. He has fleas.
If you find fleas on your dog, there’s no need to panic; this is a very common problem with an easy solution.

A professional groomer will be happy to apply a safe flea treatment to your dog to get the problem under control, then trim his fur to make sure all of the fleas are gone and have no place to hide.

4. His nails are too long.
Your dog can’t trim his own nails, and if you don’t get them trimmed, they may begin to hurt him or cause him to gnaw on his own paws in an attempt to fix the problem. If you can hear his nails clicking on the floor as he walks, they are too long.

A professional groomer will carefully cut those overgrown nails down to size without nicking the quick and hurting your dog.

Let Your Fur Kid Look His Best

Pet grooming is not just a cosmetic concern; it’s also critical to maintaining your dog’s good health. It’s your responsibility as a pet parent to make sure your dog gets groomed regularly. Keep an eye out for the telltale signs we mentioned, and consider bringing your dog to us when he needs some professional attention – we’d be happy to do the work for you.

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