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How to Calm Your Pet in Thunderstorms and Fireworks

Valuable Tips to De-Stress Your Dog During Canada Day Fireworks

Canada Day is coming up! The celebrations are one for all Canadians to rejoice but the day can be pretty stressful for your dog. They are especially sensitive because of their acute hearing. It’s not just the loud blasts but also the choking smoke and strong odour that winds them up. Severe anxiety can increase their heart rate and production of stress hormones.

While they are fearful of thunderstorms too, they are better prepared because thunderstorms come with warning signs like changes in air pressure and high winds. The sudden noise of fireworks leaves them intimidated. If you prepare your dog better, perhaps you can help him handle the noise at this time.

How to Prepare your Dog for Fireworks

  • Shut doors and windows: Draw the curtains and lower the blinds. Out of sight can be out of mind for some dogs.
  • Favourite toy: Distract him with his favourite chew toy in a special area of your home that he is familiar with. Play soothing music to drown out the firework noises.
  • Calming wrap: Get him a calming wrap or a snug bed in a cozy enclosed area. Even bathtubs are a good hideout. Stay close to him.
  • Collars on: Keep the collar on, just in case he wanders outside.
  • Treats and Toys: Keep his favourite toys and treats at hand.
  • Swaddle him in a Thundershirt: A Thundershirt is perhaps one of the most comforting ways to ease his fears.

How Does A Thundershirt Calm Your Dog?

Gentle pressure has long been known to offer comfort to ease anxiety. It works like a warm hug. Thundershirts work similarly.

They can be your dog’s best friend when lightning strikes or when fireworks blaze across the sky. It is a durable, washable, stretchable Spandex-like garment with fasteners that can be adjusted to keep him comfortable. They come in many sizes. You can swaddle him just the way a newborn baby is swaddled to increase the feeling of security. The snug comfort of a Thundershirt has a calming effect that helps relieve anxiety in nearly 80% dogs. Thundershirts are popular because of several reasons:

  • They are easy to put on with simple velcro fasteners.
  • They are affordable.
  • They are washable and safe to clean in washing machines
  • They can be worn for long periods of time
  • They have no side effects, unlike anxiety pills

Other Natural and Medical Remedies

Whatever the reason for anxiety is – noise, separation, fireworks, thunderstorm, sickness or travel – a Thundershirt helps your best friend calm down.

If the anxiety is more deep-rooted and a Thunderstorm doesn’t work its magic, therapy is recommended with a professional trainer. There are other solutions available such as calming collar disks and herbal essential oils for dogs.

When all non-medicinal approaches fail, canine anti-anxiety drugs may be administered by your vet. These work on the neurotransmitters in your dog’s brain but are best suited for those with no pre-existing medical conditions, but mostly, what works best is when you stay calm. Your poise can help him quieten down greatly, assuring him that there is no danger.

For Your Fur Kids

We are a family owned specialty retail store in Windsor and Essex Country in South West Ontario who are passionate about dogs. We offer only exceptional products and healthy foods that contain no animal by-products, chemical preservatives or artificial colours. Check out our Thunderstorm wraps for your dog before festive fireworks drive them berserk.

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