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What Are the Best Dental Chew Dog Treats?

Just like humans, dogs need to clean their teeth regularly to avoid teeth and gum problems later in life. Dental chews are treats that you can give your dog to help promote better oral health. These goodies taste great, too – but which ones should you buy for your dog? You’ll find the answer below.

How Dental Chews Help

Chewing is a natural behaviour for dogs; in the wild, canines often chew on the bones of their prey when they have consumed their fill of meat. Domestic dogs chew to relieve anxiety or boredom, and puppies may also chew on toys or other items to soothe teething pains just like young children do.

Dental chews allow dogs to indulge their natural chewing instinct while also cleaning their teeth. These treats incorporate abrasive elements that rub against the teeth and gums and scrape away the plaque that coats them, much like a toothbrush does for us. This reduces your dog’s risk of dental problems like tooth decay and gum disease.

The Best Dental Chews

With so many options to choose from, selecting dental chew treats for your dog can be overwhelming. The chews listed below are some of the ones that have proved most popular with our canine clientele over the years.

1. Ark Naturals Brushless Toothpaste Dental Value Pack

Ark Naturals has found an innovative way to make sure your dog gets the tooth protection he needs. These chews surround a layer of toothpaste (formulated specifically for dogs) with a hard outside coating to make it enticing for your dog to gnaw on. This value pack includes 60 chews to help you make sure you always have one ready for your beloved pet.

2. Ark Naturals Brushless Toothpaste for Sensitive Gums

Have your dog’s gums been a bit sore lately? These dental chews may bring him some relief. They work to clean your dog’s teeth with natural ingredients, but they are lighter and airier than your typical dental chew and are easier for him to consume while his gums are still troubling him. If the problem persists, though, be sure to bring him for a check-up with his vet!

3. The Proden PlaqueOff Dental Bone

This large dental chew treat is shaped like a bone and has enough surface area to allow your dog to gnaw on it for hours. It is made with sea kelp to provide a rough texture that is perfect for scraping off plaque, and because it lasts so long, you can count on it to get your dog’s teeth extra-clean.

4. Fruitables BioActive Chews

Fruitables’ chews are grain-free and highly digestible; they are made almost entirely from fruits and vegetables, so they taste great too. They are designed to scrub the plaque from your dog’s teeth and gums, giving him fresher breath and improving his overall dental health.

Treat Your Dog to Better Dental Health Today

While they are no substitute for a regular tooth brushing routine, feeding your dog dental chews can help his teeth and gums stay healthy well into his senior years. Why not let him try one of these great options today? It might just become his new favourite treat.

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